done 28 Sep.2014

doodles March-September 2014.

Done 02/08/2014 ( chinese valentine’s day)

  hannibal nbc    fannibal    chinese valentine's day    hannigram    will graham    hannibal lecter    office  

Done 10/10/2013
I don’t know what am I thinking in that time lol  but not regret

  hannibal nbc    will graham    hannibal lecter    wendigo    fanart    nsfw    hannigram  

What a modern age.

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This ship makes me drown.
Done 05/31/2014 

  Hannibal nbc    hannibal s2 finale    will graham    spoilers    fanart    hannigram    Mizumono    bryan fuller    mads mikkelson    hugh dancy    I'm all right    really  

meme with my friend Ru(text):Clover車軸草

Done 2014 Apirl.

  Thor    thorki    fanart    clover  

Done March, 2014

  hannibal nbc    fanart    will graham  

Done 2013 Nov. & 2013 Oct.

  thor    thorki    loki    mjolnir    doodle  

Done 13,Feb.  An illustration of my fiend Ru's fanfic→《Pomegranate - 石榴樹》(Chinese)

Original size

  Thor    Thorki    Fanart    pomegranate    loki