meme with my friend Ru(text):Clover車軸草

Done 2014 Apirl.

  Thor    thorki    fanart    clover  

Done March, 2014

  hannibal nbc    fanart  

Done 2013 Nov. & 2013 Oct.

  thor    thorki    loki    mjolnir    doodle  

Done 13,Feb.  An illustration of my fiend Ru's fanfic→《Pomegranate - 石榴樹》(Chinese)

Original size

  Thor    Thorki    Fanart    pomegranate    loki  

meme with my friend Ru(text):Mistletoe 槲寄生 

Done 2013 Nov.

  thor    thorki    mistletoe    loki    doodle  

Done 18,Feb.

I notice them in 2012 Oct., they are so perfect that my fan-soul find nothing to do with them. Or it can be said that I can do is only a mock.

Anyway, Love POI sooooooooo , this TV series is soooooo romantic (In many ways)

  person of interest    Fanart    john reese    Finch Harold  

Cards for S2!

  hannibal nbc    hannibal s2    Fanart  

Ship them so much…….orz

  thor    loki    thorki    fanart    comic    AU  

done 20131104

This scrawl looks like Will is sick of Lecter. (Sorry , Dr.Lecter. (Not really sorry.)

  hannibal nbc    Fanart    will graham  

Done Aug. 2013

  hannibal    Fanart    Bite him Winston    Hannigram